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If you are looking for fuel efficient and comfortable Electric Scooter and Electric Vehicles, we have the perfect choice for you....

About Us

Zubo is a green initiative taken by UTB Industries Private Limited. UTB Industries Private Limited a known name for producing quality power electronics offers an extensive range of Electric Scooters  by the name of Zubo. These scooters, designed for Indian conditions, have an alluring look and have durable build quality. Being electric these scooters have zero tail pipe emissions and thus are pollution free. These are very efficient and highly cost effective as compared to Internal Combustion Engine two wheelers. Scooters offered by Zubo are very comfortable and have negligible maintenance cost. We also offer Lithium based electric scooters that have detachable battery. These batteries can be taken anywhere and charged as per user’s convenience.

The company has a dedicated infrastructure measuring 18,000 Sq. Ft. for electric scooter manufacturing. It is well equipped with sophisticated machines for large scale production of electric vehicles. The company has a strong R&D team for product innovation and technical support.

Zubo is all charged up to serve the nation for a pollution free and sustainable future. We offer one of the best Electric Scooters that are low on maintenance and are energy efficient.

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